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During training in cool conditions, optimal physiologic adaptations may be achieved if strenuous interval training or continuous exercise, at an intensity above 50% of VO2max, is performed for 8-12 weeks. The most common sports injuries are If you get hurt, stop playing. Sports Med. 12: 302-312, 1991. Armstrong, L E and K B Pandolf. Physiological responses to exercise in the heat. In: Nutritional Needs in Hot Environments, B.M. Marriott (Ed.). Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1993, pp. 55-74. Sciaraffa, D, S C Fox, R Stockmann, and J E Greenleaf.

Similarly, studies conducted in the late 1960s suggested that women were less tolerant of exercise in a hot environment than men. The regulation of body temperature during exercise in the heat is critical, because of the great potential for lethal hyperthermia.

This reduction of cardiovascular strain reduces rating of perceived exertion, which is proportional to central cardiorespiratory stress, also decreases during the first five days of exercise-heat exposure. Thermoregulatory responses of matched middle-aged and young men during dry-heat acclimation. J. Appl.

This explains why heat exhaustion is defined as the inability to continue exercise in a hot environment, and involves a diagnosis of exclusion. When exercise is intense and core body temperature rises markedly, the plasma cortisol concentration increases during the initial days of heat acclimatization, but returns to control levels after 8 days of heat acclimatization, reflecting the reduction in total body strain. Heat acclimatization via strenuous exercise induces responses attributed to both passive heat exposure and training in cool environments.

However, the adaptations of eccrine sweat glands are different during humid and dry heat exposures. Human acclimation and acclimatization to heat: A compendium of Research. Heat acclimatization reduces the incidence of heat syncope to nearly zero, after 3-5 days of exercise-heat exposure.

pdf encyclopedia of sports medicine

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