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James Wong, an ethnobotanist, presents the series and takes the view that people should start making their own remedies in order to save money and feel healthier plus providing simple remedies to everyday ailments. Wong’s says:[1] I want to make people think differently about plants – growing all around us are plants that could make you feel better. and: Making your own natural remedies for minor complaints can be easy, cheap and fun. Contents Early life[edit] Born in London to a Malaysian Chinese father and a British mother, Wong was brought up in Singapore and Malaysia.

The show ran for two series, as well as a one-off Christmas special, Grow Your Own Christmas. Grow Your Own Drugs is a British television documentary series, first broadcast on BBC Two, exploring the many remedies which can be provided by plants.

The award-winning BBC Two series demonstrates a number of natural remedies sourced from plants,[2] and soon became the highest-rated gardening series on UK television. Personal life[edit] Wong lives in Twickenham, south west London. He speaks fluent Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese.

Proving a huge ratings success for the BBC, the programme quickly became the highest rated gardening programme in the UK, producing an internationally best-selling book, by the same title, as a spin-off. In 2009, the series also won «Best Television Programme» at the UK Garden Media Guild Awards. Wong, James (2010). Grow Your Own Drugs – A Year with James Wong.

grow your own drugs pdf

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