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How many red and black shirts do you see at the mall? While the tires are flat black and reveal only a faint notion of highlight, depending on the detail level, you may be dealing with complex mapping and shader effects here, too. See Figure 1-8 for an example of this. These three properties of color are the main aspects of color that we need to be concerned with when discussing color. In Figure 1-13 you can see examples of these aspects of color.

Away from town the grass was also long and clumpy, dying, and growing over the path. This is a very important skill to acquire. As a texture artist you will often need to see an object’s fundamental shape amidst all the clutter and confusion in a scene so you can create the 2D art that goes over the 3D objects of the world. When asked to draw a flame, we reach for the red or orange crayon, ice is blue, the sun yellow. Once again we must choose what to represent using a static 2D image, what can be processed in real time using a shader, and what must be represented using actual geometry.

Figure 1-17: Here is an example of a texture that may have looked okay in Photoshop, but needed to be corrected to fit in the scene correctly. You can start by simply observing the world.

Many texture surface properties are no longer painted on. Notice the difference in the shadows and highlights.

These folk dances include… $32.40 A Selection of European Folk Dances: Volume 3Author: Zhou, YongPublisher: PergamonFormat: Adobe PDFDescription: A Selection of European Folk Dances, Volume 3 presents the dance sequence and music for selected Folk Dances from various European countries. The chapters provide the CG Artist with an excellent sampling of essential techniques that every 3D artist needs to create stunning game art.

Each warm and cool color has commonly associated feelings for them, both positive and negative. But even if the sphere were lit evenly with no shadows and looked just like the circle, the difference would become apparent when rotated.

You can look at the HSB and the RGB slots and see the brightness numbers decreasing. You can see in Figure 1-26 an image and the same image with the major lines of perspective as they converge on one point called the vanishing point. What are the properties of the lights in the world? Highlights also tell us a good bit about the light source as well as the object itself. In Figure 1-10 you can see another simple illustration of how different materials will have different highlight patterns and intensities.

Understanding color and its various properties is best done with visual examples. With the advance in software, it is now possible to incorporate texture into most types of digital art. Also notice that this time in the RGB slots the red numbers decrease, but the blue and green are already at zero and stay there. Figure 1-35: This light switch is a common object you may need to create.

Vincent Van Gogh was famous for doing this. Tactile texture is when you are able to actually touch the physical texture of the art or object.

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