Hitachi ipj aw250n pdf

Digital connectivity allows for highest image quality from your HD device. The size of active area is adjustable, from 45» if the surface is limited, to 90» for the rooms where a bigger size of projection and work space is required.

Then, reorganize your notes and recall them later to share with colleagues. Pour rechercher une notice, utilisez le moteur de recherche en haut de page. The VersaSurface is guaranteed-to-clean; even permanent marker, if used by mistake, is easy to erase.

Eliminate distractions and dive right into your lessons with the FXTRIO interactive whiteboard. StarBoard Software’s intuitive, icon-driven interface enables presenters to easily operate in a whiteboard mode or to annotate right over Windows applications or digital video on the display. For instance four 55-inch touch screens in a 2 high x 2 wide tile would yield a 110-inch diagonal touch screen.

Panasonic’s UB-8325 Interactive Panaboard will energize your meetings, keeping your audience focused and your ideas flowing. Panaboard Mode lets you increase efficiency and reduce meeting time by simply writing on the board and printing out the information for easy distribution. All features are controlled with the touch of a finger.

The Optoma TX665UTi-3D, an XGA ultra short-throw multimedia projector with interactive 3D function, upgrades plain whiteboards and screens (or even a bare wall) into an immersive learning experience. Combining state of the art resistive touch (RT) technology with award wining EVS projection and dry-erase surface, TeamBoard RT is an industry-leading learning solution. Get education pricing from Hitachi 77″ StarBoard FXDUO Interactive Whiteboard — Mac Version This is the Mac Version. There must be one in just about every classroom in America.

Some of these require you to be at the whiteboard and some work from anywhere. CHULA VISTA, California, December 5, 2011 — Six Hitachi CP-AW250N ultra-short throw LCD projectors were recently used at the Hilton Nashville Downtown as part of a one-of-a-kind presentation environment for CJ Advertising of Nashville, Tennessee as part of a client event. They also attached LED lighting to the beams, to fill the presenter’s walking area with stage lighting and different colors.

TeamBoard RT comes with a detachable controller that easily slides on and off for simple upgrading or replacement. The database presented here offers products that GovConnection sells specifically for the education market. Pick up the stylus and navigate, annotate and manipulate what’s on the board just as you would with an actual interactive whiteboard.

The short throw lens allows it to project a 95″ image, from a distance of just 1 meter, and built-in interactivity lets you turn any surface into an interactive white board. Like interactive whiteboards, these solutions work similarly to graphics tablets or optical mice in that they work off a digital grid. Virtual Ink Mimio Interactive mimio Interactive is a portable and low cost device that attaches to any whiteboard (up to 4’x8′ in size), connects to your PC and when used with a projector, allows you control your desktop applications and documents directly from the board.

The VPL-SW125 WXGA projector is an ideal choice for close projection applications in the corporate and educational markets. Priced at just a fraction of the cost of a traditional 77″ interactive board, the ViewSonic iProjector provides ultimate flexibility for interactive learning. The low-glare VersaSurface is perfectly suited for projection.

Turn any surface into an engaging, collaborative interactive workspace. It’s like an interactive whiteboard without the board. TeamBoard RT (4:3 aspect ratio) models are user-friendly interactive whiteboards. With the included ergonomic mimio Mouse stylus, controlling your interactive whiteboard has never been easier.

Otherwise you can use the included mounting brackets. The projector can be connected to a local area network for remote monitoring and control, and the visual PA feature allows messages to be simultaneously broadcast to multiple Mitsubishi projectors on the network. This projector is easy to install in small or difficult spaces, and has easy to operate controls.

hitachi ipj aw250n pdf

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