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Scotty’s instructional video Accelerate Your Rock Guitar Playing is available from Berklee Press/Hal Leonard/Rittor Music. The 1st Hour should be devoted to strengthening your hands.

Then I taught here and there for the last few years in San Diego before taking it up as a full-time endeavor here in Seattle. So much of Rob’s book confirmed and articulated the convictions I’ve already formed about teaching. Heck, I’ve even take it into the can when I was starting out. The middle section was the most useful and timely for me, as I’m still in the early stages of building my business, adding students, and eventually filling my schedule. That’s why you’ve gotta… 2 TEACH BY EXAMPLE “I love teaching,” admits Vai. “It’s one of my favorite pastimes, but I only like to teach students who are really willing to learn and to blow up the bridge.

Sitting and playing the instrument expressively and with control is the goal here. For the first hour, I would do a series of exercises to develop my fingering. But don’t mistake him for a mere shredder: Vai is a serious composer and his music comes from deep and spiritual place.

When it comes down to practice, don’t forget to do the warm-up. Hope that this will help you to make your own practice routine.

The cool thing that happens is that you’ll begin to hear music more clearly in your head, allowing you to formulate musical ideas—write music—within your head, without the aid of a guitar. All Rights Reserved Reprinted by Permission of Hal Leonard Corporation. Use this stuff as a tool, not a prison. Recommendations through Twitter, Facebook, your own blog, or literal word of mouth would all be much appreciated.

Regarding technique, Vai maintains that “chops aren’t everything, but they are very important to a musician because, if you can use them maturely and control them, they give you authority.” And for Vai, practicing and teaching go hand-inhand. One way is to learn the basics of home recording and invest in a simple rig with which you can record your own tracks to jam over. Practice every exercise starting from a slow tempo and speed up gradually.

steve vai 30 hour guitar workout pdf скачать
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