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Bioinformatics 26:3, 423-425. (web, pdf) H. Carroll, A.R. Teichert, J. Krein, K. Sundberg, Q. Snell, and M. Clement. 2009. An open source phylogenetic search and alignment package. Bioinformatics 26:14, 1708-1713. (web, pdf) K. Clement, N. Gustafson, A. Berbert, H. Carroll, C. Merris, A. Olsen, M. Clement, Q. Snell, J. Allen, and R.J. Roper. 2010. PathGen: A Transitive Gene Pathway Generator. International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 3:4, 493-503. (web, pdf) H. Carroll, W. Beckstead, T. O’Connor, M. Ebbert, M. Clement, Q. Snell, and D. McClellan. 2007. DNA Reference Alignment Benchmarks Based on Tertiary Structure of Encoded Proteins. Highlights CONTACT Sign up for Email — Learn about best practices, new solutions and offers.

December 2004. A Trace-Driven Simulator for Palm OS Devices. International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design 1:1, 74-87. (web, pdf) H.D. Carroll, P.G. Ridge, M.J. Clement, and Q.O. Snell. 2007. Phylogenies Scores for Exhaustive Maximum Likelihood and Parsimony Scores Searches.

December 2008. Biologically Relevant Multiple Sequence Alignment. Ph.D. dissertation, Brigham Young University. (pdf) H. Carroll. 2008. Dynamic homology and phylogenetic systematics: a unified approach using POY. Cladistics 24:6, 1071-1072. (web, pdf) H.D. Carroll. Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. (web, pdf) H.D. Carroll. Master’s thesis, Brigham Young University. (pdf) Last Modified:.

International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 5:3, 349-364. (web, pdf) K. Sundberg, T. O’Connor, H. Carroll, M. Clement, and Q. Snell. 2008. Parsimony accelerated Maximum Likelihood searches.

h книгу в формате pdf qо

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