The american spirit volume 2 pdf

The tariff favored or attacked not only opinions, but also very powerful material interests. Edition: current; Page: [322] The rarity of elections exposes the State to great crises.—Their frequency keeps it in a feverish agitation.—The Americans have chosen the second of these two evils.— Variableness of the law.—Opinion of Hamilton, Madison and Jefferson on this subject. Nowhere has the law left a larger portion of arbitrariness than in democratic republics, because there does not seem to be any reason to fear arbitrariness. Most Europeans still see the association as a weapon that is hastily made to try out immediately on the field of battle.

Among the twelve million men who live within the territory of the United States, not a single one has yet dared to propose limiting freedom of the press. Apart from permanent associations created by the law, known as towns, cities and counties, a multitude of others owe their birth and development only to individual wills.

From this perspective, it is better suited to a people whose administrative education is already formed than to a people who are inexperienced novices in public affairs. Lastly, they unite to resist entirely intellectual enemies: together they fight intemperance. In the United States, they associate for purposes of public security, commerce and industry, [pleasure], morality and religion.

Edition: current; Page: [341] The poor man does not have a clear idea of the needs that the superior classes of society may feel. But to rob the public treasury or to sell State favors for money, that the first wretch understands and can claim to be able to do in turn. But the unlimited freedom of association in political matters cannot be completely confused with the freedom to write.

Among the Americans, the struggle between these two opinions never took on the violent character that has often marked it elsewhere. In America, the two parties were in agreement on the most essential points. They are eloquent lawyers, distinguished generals, skilled magistrates, or known statesmen. Exhaustion makes them come to rest for an instant, and rest soon brings them back to new furies.

the american spirit volume 2 pdf

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