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Paper presented at TRCC conference: Opening the Treasure Box Early Childhood Arts conference, University of Auckland, Auckland.Terreni, L (2009, September). Art and ICT in ECE – Provoking practice. Keynote address. OMEP Canterbury 2013 Seminar: Growing up healthy in mind, body and spirit: the role of the early childhood service. Aotearoa New Zealand Art Educators Association 8th national conference. Napier Kindergarten Association conference: Visual arts/Nga toi, Napier.Terreni, L. (2013, September). Healthy in spirit: Arts and spirituality.

The result of consultation I is a reconstruction of the patient’s life story and the reflection of the patients on this story.Figure 2 Life line drawn using the e-application. Kids First Kindergartens Professional Learning Hui, Christchurch.Terreni, L (2015, May). Visual art visual culture: Learning in the art museum. Higher reality implies that the event is transcendental; it transcends the situational and existential meaning and has an effect on the person and his whole view of life.Figure 3 Classification of life events using the e-application. The following inclusion and exclusion criteria apply:Inclusion criteria1.Patients ≥ 18 years of age with advanced cancer not amenable to curative treatment. 2.Life expectancy ≥ 6 months.

Paper presented atTeachers Conference 2008 Whakawhanaungatanga: Building Relationships for the Future, Lower Hutt.Terreni, L. (2008, June). Sustainable art practices in early childhood settings. Paper presented at the 6th Annual Professional Development Symposium: The politics of early childhood education, AucklandReturn to Lisa Terreni’s profile page. Exclusion criteria1.Karnofsky Performance Score < 60. 2.Insufficient command of the Dutch language to fill out Dutch questionnaires. 3.Current psychiatric disease.
Paper presented at 2nd Asia Pacific Human Rights conference, Wellington.Terreni, L. (2010, July). Artfully caring for the environment: Re-Imagining teaching visual art in early childhood contexts. Below are the links to the authors’ original submitted files for images.

Cliggett, Lisa 2005 Grains from Grass: aging, gender and famine in rural Africa. Paper presented at Kids First Kindergartens Professional Learning Hui, Christchurch.Terreni, L. (2015, March). Street talk. Early Education, 38, 27–26.Terreni, L. (2005). Scaffolding Alex: Actively supporting young children in the visual arts. Conference proceedings Vol. 2, pp.73–76.Terreni, L. (2005). Adding a bit more colour: Possibilities for art and aesthetics education in New Zealand.

This may aid patients accommodating their contingent life events [37]. Two primary endpoints are distinguished. Teaching Artists Journal, 7(1).Terreni, L. (2009). Aligning early childhood visual art education with socio-cultural theory and practice: A personal pedagogical stance on the relationship between theory and visual arts education practice in New Zealand early childhood education. Next the patients draw their future life line and define life goals. In this first consultation, the spiritual counsellors use the interview model with specified questions in a given order. Reeder has been creating work for over 15 years and the gallery is particularly honored to present this substantive exhibition.

Edited Books Cliggett, Lisa & Christopher Pool, eds 2008. Economies and the Transformation of Landscape. Narration,identity,and historical consciousness. 2005, Oxford/New York: Berghahn BooksGoogle ScholarSchwemmer O: Das Neue und das Andere. Early Childhood Folio.Web-based PublicationsShuker, M. & Terreni, L (2009). E-Books: A Tool for Promoting Young Children’s Literacy Skills. Early Education, 57,14-19.Terreni, L. (2015). Young children’s learning in art museums: A review of New Zealand and International literature.

Australian Art Education, 35(1), 93-107.Terreni, L. (2011). Interactive whiteboards, art and young children. Computers in New Zealand Schools: Learning, Teaching, Technology, 23(10), 1–23.Terreni, L. (2010). Art and ICT: Considering new possibilities for visual art education in early childhood settings. The researcher contacts the randomization website after patients have signed informed consent.

лиза 35 2013 pdf

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