Summer holidays кроссворд pdf

Has Zork swum in the sea? No, he hasn’t. Has Zena visited the Acropolis? This game has sunshine graphics and a summer theme.1st through 3rd GradesHidden Picture PuzzleChallenge your students to find the hidden pictures in the scene.

Mum’s really angry. We _____ (not tidy) our room! I can’t play with my friends this evening. I _____ (not finish) my homework. I _____ (not visit) New York for three years. Summer Quiz (4 Topics) Summer Quiz (Single Topic) Camping Theme: Three worksheets covering the summer activity of camping.

Упражнение 5. Дополните предложения словами for или since. Private investigator Sean Ward reopens the case. 9. Uprooted, Naomi Novik The writer of Uprooted is Naomi Novik, who is the author of the New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed temerarious novels. She _____ (score) twenty points in the match. We _____ (watch) all the Champions League matches this season.

Section 2 Getting on well with the family Section 3 You have got a pet, haven’t you? Requires knowledge of fractions.(Approx. grade levels 2-4)4th through 6th GradesSeasons Pie GraphThis worksheet has a pie graph titled, Favorite Seasons.

Clap your hands with me. (Let’s count our toes) How many toes on one foot? Corinne Woodrow was 15 when she was convicted of murdering one of her classmates on a summer’s evening in 1984. But after twenty years, new forensic evidence suggests that Corinne didn’t act alone.

All our summer worksheets are free to download, use, and share — so what are you waiting for? Упражнения на Present Perfect помогут вам Наличие ответов к упражнениям поможет вам проконтролировать собственные результаты или результаты ваших учеников. Trish: Yes, I have. I have trained six times a week all year.

Where’s Alison? We _____ (not see) her since yesterday. There are 16 slides in the PPT. Students are asked to look at the pictures and choose the correct word. If they … 24 18,176 Elem vanda51 •Summer Activities, July, August This is a very simple missing letters activity for revising summer related vocabulary at elementary level. All problems have dividends of 81 or less. Requires basic knowledge of percentages.(Approx. grade levels 3-5)3rd through 5th GradesCalendarsJune Calendar (Blank)Color the header on this June calendar, and add the dates.

Many people will spend their time on swimming pool, or going to other beautiful places by trains or planes. Tita falls in love with Pedro, for staying close to her, Pedro marries her sister Rosaura. How to plan a lesson using a task. Trish: Yes, we (4) ______________ . Reporter: And how many matches ______________ (5 you lose)? Trish: Only three.

Упражнение 3 1 have not cleaned, 2 haven’t started, 3 have not done, 4 hasn’t won, 5 haven’t seen, 6 haven’t invited, 7 has not washed, 8 haven’t tidied, 9 haven’t finished, 10 have not visited, 11 haven’t seen, 12 hasn’t taken, 13 has not played. Let’s all count together. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 How many toes on two feet?

summer holidays кроссворд pdf

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