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Most of the features, and all of the important ones, are available in the free version.Get it now on Google Play!Foxit MobilePDF – PDF Reader[Price: Free / $0.99]If ezPDF is mostly business related with a few ebook features, Foxit represents the other side of the spectrum. The text shows crisp and clear even in non high dpi screens.

Each one is tailored to a different kind of need so if you need something for your business, it’s worth checking those plans out.Get it now on Google Play! MobilePDF Business Is your business in need of a mobile PDF reader with advanced security and control features?

Video Playing in Adobe Reader or Acrobat The first user quoted above viewed their video (which happened to be a MOV file but would see the same thing with H.264) in Apple’s Preview. BeeLine gives youa new way to read Availability Sign Up to Get BeeLine for Free Students, enter your .edu email below to get BeeLine for free! The majority of its features are ebook related, and includes navigation features for long PDF files, support for bookmarks, PDF management (sort by name, size, etc), cloud storage support, and more. Engage us Or Looking to partner with some of the brightest minds in the industry?

Update: There are not annotation tools yet, but the navigation and loading speed have improved a lot. Read and annotate Microsoft Rights Management protected files and participate in shared reviews.

Double tap with two fingers (or pinch in) to zoom out. All looks OK, except two of the fields can’t be typed in…. Preview doesn’t appear to be fully compatible with PDF forms created with PC’s. In the old days, Adobe controlled the PDF format and most people viewed PDF in Adobe Reader for Mac and Windows. They can be created in these applications but are generally not cross-application compatible.

You would expect that the Adobe Reader for mobile devices would have no problem, but all it shows is the poster image. And PDFs can be viewed on virtually any platform?Macintosh, Windows, Unix, as well as tablets and smartphones.

Also supported are the Retina displays in all new devices and is ready to be fully internationalized. Foxit Mobile PDF is a small, lightning fast PDF viewer which allows you to open, view, and annotate any PDF file, as well as easy to use collaboration features, such as the ability to add annotations to PDF. It delivers industry leading capabilities to utilize PDF documents on the go.

More languages will be available soon. **Updates will be provided as we continue to research and develop the features that users want in PDF Reader. We value your feedback. This is an update of a formerly written article, so check the comments for some suggestions from our readers! To see our complete list of best app lists, click here. You can then use any PDF reader app to view it yourself. That part of the app is entirely unlimited and free, which we liked a lot. It also comes with a few premium plans (subscriptions), including a Standard Plan, Real Estate Plan, and Personal Plan.

Please note that since ReaderViewController implements its own toolbar, you need to hide the UINavigationController navigation bar before pushing it and then show the navigation bar after popping it. PDFs are widely used, but require a reader or browser plugin, and furthermore they … Foxit MobilePDF is based on the same technology as Foxit Reader.

ReaderDocument Archiving To change where the property list for ReaderDocument objects is stored (~/Library/Application Support/ by default), see the +archiveFilePath: method in the ReaderDocument.m source file. Double-tap with one finger (or pinch out) to zoom in.

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