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Moeller Electric Corporationis a world-renowned, full-line manufacturer of industrial electrical and electronic controls and systems. Moeller Electric, formerly Klockner Moeller has earned a worldwide reputation for high quality engineering and ecologically sensitive manufacturing of components, engineered assemblies and enclosures. Nowadays, our worldwide customers world implement economical solutions involving high-quality Moeller products in applications as varied as the installation of electrical systems for industrial or building management purposes and the automation of production processes and machines.

That’s our philosophy.With more than 100 years of experience. Since its foundation in 1899 as Klockner Moeller, the Moeller Group has always been concerned with creative ways of handling energy and giving it direction, form and purpose to thus make it available where it is needed. P. 3 2 > DF51, DV51, DF6, DV6 frequency inverters The need for variable speed drives is increasing consistently, for example, in optimization of manufacturing and production processes or for saving energy. Founded more than 100 years ago, Moeller Electric (formerly Klockner Moeller) has grown into a $1.3 billion global company with more than 12,000 employees.

Moeller Electric was founded as Klockner Moeller by Franz Klockner and Hein Moeller. The online data sheets contain extensive information and additional links for that product.

And with the focus on what we’re good at: Automation and Energy Distribution. With the passion to do everything a little bit better still.

Through product innovation, superior design engineering, strategic alliances and acquisitions, the company has established a significant presence in world markets. Always questioning the well-established yet one more time.

moeller mcb catalogue pdf

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