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Fixed MSWIN Vista/Win7 problem where having Task Manager running would stop display test window updating. The instlib API has been modified quite extensively to make it more self contained and flexible, although the basic architecture remains the same. The Spyder4 can use .ccss calibration files too.

This fixes occassional problem with i1d3, and also solves problem with the ColorHug on OS X. Fixed problem with TV encoded output and dispread -E -k/-K. Fixed minor bug in DE94 in icclib. Fixed collink for eeColor Full range RGB to use output curve («second» 1D curves) to compensate for cLUT being wired for 1.0 output from 1.0 input.

Fixed bug in spotread’s handling of emissive measurements. If the XYZ was computed from spectral, it was using a D50 white instead of no white reference. Lafitte’s Retreat x collected I. hexagona — Cross City, Fla.

Also added -Zr and -ZR flags to allow testing of the refresh mode overrides. Added dither/screening support for 8 bit output of render, and then made it available in target/printtarg. Fixed race condition bug in OS X HID driver. Fixed bug with dispcal -e N Fixed bug in xicclu -fg and -kp Added dispcal -x x option to allow reading a chart and manually entering the XYZ values.

Relative colorimetric is therefore hue matched to the white reference patch, Removed colprof -un, as it seems unnecessary. Changed i1disp measurement logic to try and make it more robust against light to dark changes during a reading. Changed instlib semantics for inst_opt_set_ccss_obs :- this is now set immediately, and applied also to any subsequent set_disptype() or col_cal_spec_set(). Renamed verify to colverify to avoid clash with MSWin program of the same name. Chuck X (Margaret HunterX AnnChowning $8.00 Chuck (Arny, C) R 58 32″ M. Amaranth self.

This makes it more useful for embedding a profile. Use a modified/forked version of libusb V1.0, that supports Win2K (libusb0.sys) back end by default. Changed dispcal and dispread -K option to -J. Added -K option to dispcal as an alternate way of profiling a calibrated display, and also added a -K option to dispcal.

Bump icclib version to 2.11 to reflect this. These can be set on the command line using «jam -s» Added targen -N parameter to allow adjustment of neutral axis patch density emphasis, as well as increasing the default. Add support for DataColor Spyder 5. Add support for ColorHug2 colorimeter. Improved Klein K10 driver to be more robust when lights off command returns bogus error codes, or causes a cascade of bogus measurement errors.

h rю по использованию cms doc
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