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The panning frame should contain two occurrences of the line, one in each field. Use this in combination with the discard setting above to control how much the vectors in the object you want to lock on (usually the background) may vary. You can now turn off detection of rotation and/or zoom during pass 1. Read more under the ‘Detect rotation/zoom’ setting above. The consumer models lacked professional features such as XLR inputs and some manual controls.

Digital zoom can extend to 160x although with progressively degrading quality. Once the XAVC-S codec becomes available as an option you will be back to similar data rates and storage requirements to XDCAM HD, but without the image quality benefits that the full XAVC codec brings. Sometime’s you don’t want a shallow depth of field and for the kinds of applications I can see this camera being used for, I think a deeper DoF will be good. 6th Street, Austin Texas. HXR-Z100 frame grab.

Remember that all settings have a purpose, or they wouldn’t be there. Compact Flash recording is achieved by a supplied CF card recorder that is removable and connects via a proprietary firewire connection or 6 pin firewire. Previously, you would get a new scene whenever a frame got skipped due to too few ok blocks. New flexibility, new features, new opportunities The HVR-M35E is the flagship of our compact HDV VTR range with unrivalled production flexibility due to its support for a huge range of HDV/DVCAM/DV formats — making it ideal for inclusion in any workflow based on these formats.

The PXW-Z100 fully wide and zoomed all the way in.The big plus point of the lens though is the zoom range. Also, you’ll need to change some pass 2 settings if you want to take care of the black borders.

Version 3.1 (2014-09-14) The process to calculate the smooth motion at the beginning of pass 2 (when it says «Deshaking…») now runs faster in many cases. The PMW-300’s zoom range.The lenses on both cameras exhibited similar amounts of chromatic aberration. Offers greater resolution than existing pixel-shift technologies regardless of the balance between colour elements. Version 2.5 (2010-07-18) When using future frames to fill in borders, you no longer need to manually pre-collect frames and delay the audio etc.

For this to happen, the iPhone must record video in landscape mode with the lens in the upper part of the phone. Максимальный размер фото — не более 1000 кб. They have 220GB internal hard drive, 32GB flash memory and 16GB flash memory respectively. For example, I fixed a bug which caused Deshaker to sometimes ignore large areas during pass 1 for certain (unusual) settings.

The zoom rocker has quite a large dead band area where you push the rocker and nothing happens. Try increasing the value for Discard motion of blocks that have maximum pixel value difference less than X. — The stabilized video has a severe «jello» effect.

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