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That’s because the two themes have different purposes.The Starter Theme is built for developer, agencies, and all those who build a PrestaShop store from scratch. The Designer documentation is constantly being improved upon. For merchants: The reworked UI and optimized menu structure will provide a better daily flow, The Product page has been rethought, The Modules page as well, The awesome default theme to get you started.

PrestaShop 1.7 is considered stable, and hundreds of online stores have already been created with v1.7.0.0 and its updates.The community has already ported hundreds of modules to 1.7, and brand new 1.7 themes are being submitted every week. Professional support service of any level of complexity: fast and effective! Mit dieser Option wird die Gutschrift-E-Mail ein- und ausgeschaltet. Reworded/reorganized the «What will be in PS 1.7?» question a bit.

Will PrestaShop 1.7 remove deprecated code, hook_alias, etc.? A lot of deprecated code has been removed, yes. But relying only on overrides makes that the PS architecture cannot evolve.

Also, there is a dedicated Build article about module development changes between 1.6 and 1.7. Is PrestaShop 1.7 switching from Smarty to Twig? Themes and front office modules from the Addons marketplace should work well together out of the box, and therefore should use the same CSS framework.This is why the PrestaShop Addons marketplace will only accept 1.7 themes that use Bootstrap 4, and will refuse themes that do not. Overrides are the wrong answer to a real problem, but they are not going away anytime soon, because a huge part of our ecosystem relies on them.

Mit der Prest Plus Option «nur eine Telefonnummer» können Sie beide Felder auf eins reduzieren. Ideal location to add a carrier, as added by a module.Page de paiementNom du hookDescription du hookdisplayPaymentTopTop of payment page.displayPaymentCalled when needing to build a list of the available payment solutions, during the order process. Erst dieses Tracking bringt Ihnen verlässliche Daten in Relation zu den normalen Bestellungen.keine Adressen im WarenkorbWir haben im Schritt 01 / Warenkorb die Anzeige der Adressen als durchaus überflüssig eingestuft. Grundeinheit sind Tage, über die Übersetzungsfunktion lässt sich dies aber auch auf Werktage oder Wochen ändern.Zahlaufschläge und RabattePrestaShop kann in der Grundinstallation nicht mit Zahlaufschlägen und Rabatten umgehen.

pdf invoice plus prestashop

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