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Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. You may want some movies or books downloaded for subway rides or plane trips, but otherwise there is no need to keep all of your personal media on the device. Read More already), and places your document library a swipe away to the right, and a document preview a swipe to the left.

The emphasis is on writing, so it lacks the rich editing features like image and table support in favor of features like “writing rituals” which prompt you to write more. The number displayed to the right of each app includes the app’s application files, cached documents and data, and media files. Load up the Settings app on your device, then navigate to General > Usage > Manage Storage (under «Storage,» not iCloud). A list of all the apps on your device will appear in order of the amount of space being used by each item. Still no iPad multitasking support, though Getting Stuff Done by Aldrin Calimlim March 9, 2016 Google has just updated the official iOS app of its popular Docs word-processing service with a couple of enhancements.

Office 365 is a subscription based package that offers access to the latest desktop Office suite, Office Online, cloud storage, and premium mobile apps. Docs is available by way of Google Drive, which lets you upload the usual suspects — documents, photos, videos and files — to your 15GB of free storage. Here’s how to liberate your iOS device from the shackles of insufficient storage.

Writer is the word processor, Calc is the spreadsheet tool, and Impress is the slideshow software. Werdsmith offers its own cloud service which backs up your work, and you can even protect everything with a fingerprint. If you want a customizable word processor that focuses on the words, give Werdsmith a shot.

Behind the modest entry fee is a powerful word processor that focuses on providing an elegant environment in which to get serious work done. Image: Kingsoft Office Writer is part of the entire Kingsoft Office suite (along with Spreadsheets and Presentation), and it creates documents that are highly compatible with Microsoft Word. Textilus documents are compatible with hundreds of other word processors, such as Pages, Microsoft Word, Notes and more.

google docs ipad free

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