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The S400 provides advanced protection against harmful dust ingress (IP5X) and is one of the most rugged semi-rugged notebooks ever made. Designed for next generation wireless technology, you can connect wirelessly for mission critical information at amazing speeds.

Since a SSD has no moving parts, it’s less prone to the common scratches that occur in conventional hard drives, reducing your potential downtime. Using Getac’s mobile devices has reduced our administration overhead as well as enabling us to spend more time in the field, and more efficiently document the condition of the forest. Download PDF Fraport AG «We want to grow and improve our services further.

All of us — administrators, foresters, landowners – and finally the forest itself – have benefited enormously. We completely embrace the PS535F because it has allowed our rangers to spend more time in the forest and less time at their desks.”~ Dipl.-Ing. Getac fully rugged notebooks were easily integrated into the fire departments’ computer systems, and will continue as an asset to the nation’s emergency services. This new KryptoShell body allows the S400 to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G temperature, shock, and vibration specifications including a 3 foot drop on six faces. The V100 can go from office, to fire truck and to blaze site and hold their own in the face of heavy handling, high temperatures and soot.

Every port door and hinge was engineered to withstand a twist strength of up to 30 kilograms of force per centimeter. GETAC S400 ONE OF THEMOST RUGGEDSEMI-RUGGED. Getac designed the S400 notebook to be one of the most rugged semi-rugged computers ever built. The QuadraClear display is powered by LEDs that provide an energy efficient display that is mercury-free, durable and consistent in brightness over time. Only the S400 semi-rugged notebook maintains up to 89% of it’s CPU processing power when the computer heats up.

Customizable Quick KeysFive quick keys located at the base of the display allow for quick toggling of the battery eco mode, QuadraClear max brightness and a blackout button increases safety by turning off all illumination and sound. Download PDF The Best in the Field Troops stationed in Afghanistan need to work smart and stay tough, and their notebook computers must do the same. Available on the S400 is the same high-quality keyboard we use on our B300 fully rugged notebook. Additionally, the red glow reduces eye strain compared to other backlights, reducing fatigue.

Our QuadraClear solution combines proprietary technologies to reduce the sunlight’s reflectivity and providing an effective contrast rate seven times better than other displays, while still maintaining the battery life you need in the field. With Getac we can do that, because our resources are no longer tied up in unnecessary processes, and we do not have to worry about the operation of the equipment but can concentrate on our core competencies and goals!» ~ Fraport’s Senior Manager IT-Frontend Systems, Christian Lojda Download PDF.

Ultrafast WWAN With both WWAN and WiFi access available, you can be connected 24/7 wherever you are, allowing you to improve productivity. Getac notebooks can take extreme dust and heat, plus are enforced to remain durable in the face of violent threats. It is no wonder Getac computers have even been credited with saving lives. Two programmable buttons are available for system functions or can be mapped with your software for repetitive or urgent queries and tasks. When the Dutch army needed notebooks for one of the world’s toughest environments, it turned to Getac for a fully rugged mobile computing solution.

Heat Dissipation Most semi-rugged computers throttle down the CPU to control heat overload. Sunlight-Readable DisplayEvery S400 semi-rugged laptop features an advanced 800 NITs QuadraClear® display.

People who are not very IT-literate are picking the laptops up and using them because it makes their job easier. I’d estimate that the system gives us productivity gains in the region of 30 per cent.”~ Justin Sheppherd, Chief Information Officer, Active Tree Services. The notebooks are now finding themselves within the safe confines of European government offices after impressive showmanship out in the Afghan bush. They’ve come to rely on the mobile system. The island style independent keys provide a premium feel and increased durability while a red backlight allows you to type in the dimmest conditions without silhouetting yourself.

Built to Survive™ Getac built the S400 using their new KryptoShell™ body material. Download PDF Veiligheidsregio IJsselland Fire Department Getac’s fully rugged convertible notebook has helped the Veiligheidsregio IJsselland fire department upgrade their safety and response work. The S400 was developed specifically for utilities, public safety, field service and military applications. A bright 800 NITs multi-touch display, Intel Core i5 processor, Intel vPro IT remote management and IP5X and MIL-STD 810G make the S400 a perfect solution for demanding work environments.

getac s400 pdf

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