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Velocity is well suited to J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) Web development because the platform accommodates output technologies other than JSP. While JSP is included in the J2EE specification, J2EE doesn’t require its use. Church and People Church and People is a web site that provides churches with community building and administration tools, such as online event registration, credit card processing, resource management, membership directories, private forums, an event calendar, e-mail tools, and more. Modeled after a java.util.Map, the context is an object that holds data provided by the application or servlet that the template accesses. Action Pack ActionPack is a distribution of independent, but cooperating, opensource modules for web applications development.

This can be done using file names, streams, or an XML data string. As input to the PDF Processing Engine you can optionally include an XML-based Template MetaInfo (.xtm) file. RTF Template Last Published: Fri May 11 17:04:34 CEST 2007 Spring | Velocity | Freemarker RTFTemplate Download Traduction Project Documentation RTFTempate integrationBefore integrating RTFTemplate, you must understand generation process of RTFtemplate. Download the Template Builder for Word from the Home page, under Get Started, click Download BI Publisher Tools, then click Template Builder for Word.

Designed as an easy-to-use general templating tool, Velocity is useful in any Java application area that requires data formatting and presentation. The following figure shows a table that is too wide to display on one page: The following figure shows one option of how the horizontal table break will handle the wide table. In this example, a horizontal table break is inserted after the third column.

Now, with the data organized and placed in the context and the template ready, we can render the template against the context. The following code example places page numbers in a specific point on the page, formats the numbers, and sets the start value using the following methods: setPageNumberCoordinates (x, y) — sets the x and y coordinates for the page number position. However, Bluprints provides many features that other JSP templating frameworks are lacking in a fraction of the code.

The API returns the field names into an Enumeration object. First, you must design the email and then develop the template and code based on that design. Eyebrowse Eyebrowse is a Java Servlet browser for Unix mbox format mail archives.

Spectacle uses Velocity templates for the rendering of information objects in HTML, XML or other formats. This information is meant to be used in conjunction with the Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, which is available in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Business Intelligence Documentation Library. Based on specific values for the properties writing-mode, direction, and unicode bidi, the FO Processor supports the BiDi layout. Luxor Luxor is an open-source XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit for building rich cross-platform, zero-admin desktop apps in Java.

Hapax does not depend on any existing web framework, and is suitable for use in servlets, scripting languages (Scala, Groovy, etc), and server-side applications. Go To Hapax JCopist JCopist is a template-based document generation server based on . Leslie is buried in 11g documentation and will not get to officially documenting the templates for a while. I’ll do my best to be professional and not ramble on about this and that, although the weather here has finally turned and its ‘scorchio’ here in Colorado today. The Velocity Template Engine lets you render data from within applications and servlets.

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