How to keep hyperlinks in pdf

I have generated PDFs with figures that have hyperlinks (hyperref to websites, \href) in them. Creating text links and graphics can be done in 4 easy steps!! Note: Illustrator automatically converts any URL with in frontof it into a live link. To create a text link without is simple. However, there’s a third-party extension you can use in Firefox and Chrome to help with that: Print Friendly. (It’s also available for Safari.)While it’s designed to reduce waste when printing web pages, it’s also a very nice way to produce cleanly formatted PDFs that retain hyperlinks. Hyperlinks may be present in a word processing document, but the hyperlinks may not be converted into PDF format when the document is prepared for filing.

I created a .doc document and want to convert it to .pdf with PDFCreator. Repeat Step 3 above for all the TOC levels used in your document. By default, Word only uses three levels for the TOC, so you probably only need to change theTOC1, TOC2 and TOC3 styles.

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Options include the ability to remove bookmarks, annotations, forms, and other file-bloating elements that may not be needed. Does anyone know what aspect of ‘Save as optimized PDF’ is breaking my hyperlinks?

Click «OK.»Thanks for the A2A. I hope this helps. Safari seems to handle using the built-in print to PDF function in OS X perfectly well, preserving a reasonable amount of formatting, as well as keeping hyperlinks marked and active.Safari can use a standard Print dialog and preserve links in a PDF it creates. Unfortunately, the hyperlinks are not kept during the conversion process.

This answer will need you to use Adobe Acrobat to open the .pdf file. However, I feel that Apple really need to step up their game when it comes to certain aspects, like the way that their programs interact with other programs, or don’t, as I quickly found out.

The area inside the rectangle is where the link will appear in the PDF.Step 4Click «Open a Web Page» and «Next.»Step 5Type the URL of the Web page to which you want to have a hyperlink in the «URL» field. Here’s how: In the Table of Contents window, click the Modify . . . button. Making the TOC Look like Hyperlinks You might have noticed that the TOC elements in the screen capture above look like web hyperlinks. I believe it is a good practice to ensure that hyperlinked elements in the PDF are evident to the reader of the document. Then create a separate line of text with the full hyperlink.

Presumably the hyperlinks were attached to text or graphic elements in the document — when you rasterized the document to a graphic in PhotoShop these were flattened into your pixel map. Preserving Hyperlinks in PDF Conversion Preserving Hyperlinks in PDF Conversion When you have prepared a document with hyperlinks to research services or with a Table of Contents, make sure the document is converted to PDF format in a way that preserves the hyperlinks.

This technique does nothing for the internal links, as was evidenced from my test, When you click on an internal link, it does not necessarily open anything like external links do to open browser based windows. Click OK. Ensuring that Word Creates Hyperlinks for TOC Elements You need to tell Word to create hyperlinks for TOC elements.

how to keep hyperlinks in pdf
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